About ERLS Vehicles

The Mission
To offer a high-quality selection of used electric vehicles at a competitive price and provide extensive knowledge of EVs to share with customers. Competitive pricing is achieved by small overheads and this allows us to sell them at the best possible price.

The father-son duo that combine their knowledge and passion of electric vehicles to form ERLS Vehicles.


From motorbikes to HGV's and everything in-between, there's not much that Martin hasn't experienced driving. As a Tesla owner since 2016, as well as a PHEV owner, it's fair to say that he knows what it is truly like to own and drive electric vehicles. His extensive knowledge and first-hand experiences are valuable assets to the team.

Favourite Electric Cars:
For the Track: Audi E-Tron GT
For the Road: Jaguar I-Pace
For some Fun: BMW i3

Magnus has had a passion for cars from a very young age. After introducing his parents and family friends to electric vehicles in 2015 he has continued to share his knowledge amongst many others. Working in high-end customer service roles, as well as being a part of the Tesla team, makes Magnus an invaluable member of ERLS. His experience means that every customer has more than enough confidence and information when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Favourite Electric Cars:
For the Track: Porsche Taycan
For the Road: Mercedes-Benz EQC
For some Fun: Renault Twizy

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